for the year that went tits up

20% profits donated to support YMCA's Be Real Campaign

Boobles. For the year that went tits up. #2020
We want you to
L O V E   Y O U R S E L F
so much that you hang your titties from your Christmas tree!
In a world of instagram perfect pictures, airbrushing and censoring, Boobles is the gift that keeps on giving - not only does it raise a smile and normalise women's bodies, we also use our profits to support YMCA's Be Real Campaign (which helps children & young people with a range of anxieties including body image)
Choose from a range of skin shades, nipples and differences from our Boobles 'girls' in the shop, or commission your own to include things such as stretch marks, piercings, little rogue nippy hairs that nobody talks about.
You are amazing exactly as you are.
Spead a smile, love your body and let's overcome gender imbalance in expression together